Susumu Araki
      M.S in Polymer Chemistry from Kyoto University Graduate School in 1975. Research on materials at Musashino Research Center of NTT. Gained marketing and sales experiences, managed SBUs as General Manager and managed a small company as COO with multi-national companies.
Completed business courses at Stanford business school on corporate vision and corporate culture change, at IMD in Switzerland on divisional management and at IESE in Spain on strategic planning. Also worked in UK and USA at Headquarters of MNC, which gave tremendous understanding of management.
Expertise in corporate culture change, paradigm change, leadership development, strategic planning of corporate, SBU and marketing, logical thinking and innovation. Has achieved records for various kinds of clients in terms of consulting, seminars and executive coaching in the above field.
(Representative Director and President of Global Management Development Inc)

    Shiichiro Endo  
      Graduated from Tokyo University of Education in 1972(Biochemical Engineering), worked for an American Petroleum Company in Planning, Supply and Marketing, finishing 30-year career as General Manager in Marketing. During that period, obtained MBA from Syracuse University in the USA and worked at HQ in New York for two years. After retiring the petroleum company, worked as Advisor of a consulting firm, helping M&A activities for the petroleum industry. Devoted to the start up of new educational business as COO of a venture company for the last few years. From 2005 mainly involved in developing management tools as GMP partner.  
    Akiko Fujiwara, Ph.D.  
      Studied biotechnology at the University of Tokyo. Having obtained Ph.D., joined European drug company to work as a researcher at its central research center in Tokyo heading a biotech group. Then, joined a U.S. consulting firm to take responsibility for Life Sciences liaison in Tokyo and worked with Japanese corporations to help new business development and R&D strategies. Before forming own firm, AF Ventures, in 2001, worked in a multi-national healthcare company where M&A, technology licensing, venture investments and new business development were the major tasks. Now serves as President of AF Ventures whose mission includes supporting start-up companies, technology and opportunity incubation, helping foreign corporations enter Japanese market, and consultation in life sciences and biotechnology.  
    Shogo Yasue  
      Studied economics at Kyoto University. After graduation in 1969, joined Industrial Bank of Japan (now Mizuho Holdings) where worked on wide varieties of companies from small/medium sized to large corporations, on problem solving as well as major industrial projects, thus experienced various different case studies. Later, dispatched to a financing firm as managing director responsible for Examination and Valuation of candidate companies for investments. After leaving the bank in 1999, work as a consultant to support venture companies.  
    Kiyokazu Kajima  
      Graduated from Keio Gijuku University in 1971. Worked for an American petroleum company in Sales, Information System, Logistics. Managed an affiliated data processing company as the president for two years. Completed a Credit Card business integration project as a core member of the Asia-Pacific region. After retiring the company in 2002, joined in the start-up of an educational business with Mr. Shichiro Endo. Retired the company in 2004 after completion of the initial business procedure.
Now involved in development of management tools as Partner of GMP.

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